Drinking Water: New to US

Okay this question is really weird but I dare to ask. From where to drink water in USA?

I would like to have anwser in two parts, one is when you stay in a hotel? Do they provide bottled water for free? Or do they have water dispensers for free in the room or lobby? Or you directly drink the water from your tap in the room’s kitchenette?

Second part is what happens when you stay in an apartment?

Your response will be really appreciated.

In USA, tap water is the safe to drink. I usually drink from tap and it is very safe. The government has regulations to keep the tap water clean and drinkable, so it is good !
Yes, some hotels provide free bottle water, but beware some of that may be chargeable as well, especially if they are branded like Evian. You can directly drink from the tap, it is fine.
Even, if you stay in apartment, you can drink from tap, it is safe.

Thanks for super quick reply. You are awesome.
So I should not expect the presence of a water dispenser in my hotel?

Sure. Typically not…You may fine some water coolers at some places, but the water is the same.