doubts regarding premium processing

Hi All,

Currently my company stated that they have upgraded my case from regular processing to premium processing.

I have few doubts regarding the same.

  1. I cross checked my case status,its still showing initial review.

How will i come to know…whether USCIS has picked up my case.

2)I checked on redbus2us forums…few ppl were stating about clock start n clock stopped.

Where can i see this??

3)when under Premium Processing results are out in 15 no of days or 15 working days[mon -fri(5 days)so 3 weeks approx]

Thanks in Advance,



  1. There is should be a status update like “on xxx we received request to upgrade to PP etc etc”

  2. You may or may not see this after #1 happens

  3. 15 calendar days which includes all 7 days of the week.

First thing you need to do is follow-up w/ employer about PP filing date and why the online status has not been updated