doubts about dependent visa (F2)


I am on F1 right now in US. I am married and my husband( living in India) wants to come to US as a dependant on me. My husband is working in India.

What are the possible questions and difficulties that may arise during VISA interview?

Any particular documents or certificates VISA officers look at?

What are the chances my husband will get a dependant visa?

Also after he comes to US on F2, can he convert directly into H1 or does he have to convert to F1 first?

Does he have to go back to India for changing his visa status?

Please help!

On F2 visa , your husband will be dependent on you. So first your financial position should be strong enough to show that you can support yourself and your husband during the entire duration of your proposed study period.

If visa officer feels that yr husband is using the F2 visa as a route to get H1 visa later, his application will be rejected.Consulate will look at the case in totality and decide

Any particular documents/certificates. It depends. Just make sure that you are able to demonstrate following:

  1. The husband will not work in US and is only going over there to meet you

  2. The husband has a job over here in India and he is taking leave. He should obtain paper from the company (in India) that he is going on leave and will come back

  3. Marriage certificates and photos (although they did not ask me)

  4. Financial support needed for his stay and etc.

  5. He know what are status are you in and what will you do.

  6. F-2

  7. Invitation letter from you

  8. Your bank statements and his bank statements (should have sufficient money)

Best of luck with the visa stamping.

Change of Status to H1:

He can convert to H1 directly from F2. But don’t see that happening until Oct’13 because H1B cap is already exhausted. He will have to wait until April 2013 to file for that H1B. There are other H1Bs that are cap exempt and can be obtained if you find a work for a non-profit research organization. But thos kind of jobs are hard to find. So plan accordingly.

Also, don’t apply for any change of status within 60 days of arrival.

thank you for the info. I have one more question.
Can he say that I am graduating in May 2013 (which I am) as a reason?

It depends. This kind of answer is generally tricky. If you are graduating, then it can be misunderstood that you both have intention of not leaving the country. But if he is only attending graduation, then they might consider that it is genuine and the (male) husband is gonna come back and continue with his work in India.

Did you husband got the f-2 visa? did he enter USA? If yes, can you please describe the experience at Port of entry?