Doubtful whether my visa was okied or not


I am a silent reader of this forum. today i went to visa stamping at hyderabad. I am having a doubt whether my visa was approved or not. The VO asked me only 4 questions and asked me to take the docs. I don’t remember whether he asked me to leave or not. But i left. He didn’t give me the passport back. Now i am in a big dilemma what if i left with out him completing the process. What happens if that is the case. I know this is a big blunder on my part asking this. But now i don’t know what to do. I am not even sure whether he asked me to leave or not. Please please tell me what will be the consequences if i moved on in the middle of the interview.

Yes it is your Mistake for not concentrating on VO is Saying… You waited for a Long time from the day when application is picked . I thik you had many hopes on it… You Should’nt have doen like that… Hope for the Best …

Did VO gave any White Colour Pamphlet… saying YOUR RIGHTS!!!

If he gave that white pamphlet and has taken your passport … Your Visa is Approved !! . However all other Documents will be returned to you… they only Take your passport…if you left without any conformation from VO . he will call you back … at that time itself You can Track your Passport or Visa Status in CEAC website…

Actually VO was not giving any pamplets to the approved people. 3 visas were approved when i was in queue and no one is given the pamplet. I checked the status in CEAC website and it is showing as ISSUED.

He will give that along with Documents Saying that Know Your Rights and It will be Given to all those Whom visas are Approved… And Your Visa is approved Do not worry… Your Visa is Approved . if u r status is showing up as Issued… Do not worry now… Did you Opt for Courier Service of VFS or …Pick up

Track Your Passport in CEAC website / USTRAVELDOCS.COM … It may show up as Ready for Pick Up…/ Process for Delivery in progress… Wish u all the best

I opted for pickup. The status is shown as Issued and is saying your visa is in final processing.

I got a mail saying that my passport will be returned to me. The status of passport is shown as ready for pickup. But the status when tracking DS 160 application number its showing Issued and your visa is in final processing. What does this mean? Is my visa stamping done?

You Visa is Approved … friend Congratulations and have a blast after you collect it… Me too from Hyderabad when are you planning to leave for US

hiii thanks yaar… i collected my passport today. I am leaving this mnth end.
Actually now i guess VO said its done… that is why i thanked him and he said OK … and then i left the centre. May b coz of over excitement i doubted whether i completed the interview or not. Sorry for bothering u people.