Double Major (One STEM, One Non-STEM) - Can I apply for STEM Extension?

Hi there,

I recently graduated with a co-ordinate major in Economics (Non-STEM) and Environmental Studies (STEM). I have a choice to put either Economics or Environmental Studies as my ‘primary major’ on page 3 of my I-20 form.

If I put Economics, and when my OPT expired in 12 months, will I be able to apply for the STEM extension on the basis of my Environmental Studies major?

I haven’t gotten a clear answer yet.

-Some OPT guides state you can apply for STEM extension based on your ‘secondary major’. In this case, the DSO adviser would make a remark of the secondary major and its CIP code on the remarks section on the I-20)
-However, other guides state that: “If a student has a double major and obtained regular post-completion OPT on the non-STEM CIP or a STEM CIP that is not approved by DHS, the student is ineligible for the 17-month extension”

Could you shed some light on this? I would appreciate any advice.

Also, does the field I go into have an impact on which field I can go into for the H1B?



Did u solve the problem?
I have the same issue, and this topic is the only thing I found over the internet.

Please describe ur experience in details if possible! Would appretiate a lot!