Does travelling out of country during H4 to H1 COS impact the process?

I’m writing with a set of questions related to my COS from H4 to H1. Really appreciate if you could share your thoughts on this. Thanks!

I am on a H4 Visa that’s tagged to my husband’s H1. His Visa is up for renewal this September. His employer will start processing the same sometime soon.

In the last couple months I interviewed for H1 sponsoring jobs and I have an employer filing it for me this April. My H1 filing will also be going on at around the same time as my husband’s extension. So technically there’s two paperwork going on in my case at the same time.

  1. Are they exclusive of each other or is one tied to the second? What are the implications if the latter is true?

Let’s assume they are exclusive and also assume both his extension and my H4 to H1 COS go through.

Said that,

  1. If I exit the country sometime between now and September but re-enter before 09/01/2015, Do I still have to get a new H4 stamped (referencing his H1 extension)? Will this in any way impact my H1 that’s in progress?

  2. If I exit the country after 09/30/2015 (maybe for Christmas) then

     a) I should go to the consulate and get my H1 stamped right? I cannot just come back in with my H4, correct?
     b) If for any reason
          b1) that gets stuck with the consulate (221g or something), do I get to come back into the country with my H4 (and not work) or I am stuck too as long as it takes to clear?
          b2) If (God Forbid) the consulate rejects my H1 at that point, do I get to keep my H4 status as is w/o having to do any further paper work?

Please clarify. Appreciate your help!!