Does the total fees has been paid by my company ?


I have received my H1B file no as eac*******.I have a couple of questions as follows:

1) Does my company has paid for the full cost of the visa before getting the file no ?

2) Is there any method to confirm that the above file no is mine ?

3)The current status of the file no is : INITIAL REVIEW. 

What is the tentative time for approval of the visa if RFE is not raised ? I could see some file nos whoose application no is after me have been approved.

Please answer the above questions .

Any response is highly appreciated.



First of all DONOT let your petition number like this in open forum.

First edit your question to remove your petition number.

Yes your company has to pay full amount 2325$ when they submitt the petition.

You can get the (

I-797C Notice of Action ) from you employer to confirm your name, and your petition number printed on the Goverment paper.