does number of years of experience while filing perm decide how good my case is over all for I140 and later I485

I have over 14 years of experience and my employer is filing my perm for GC. They are showing me with 2 years experience. Shouldn’t they be showing more years and utilizing all the years of experience I have to better my case? I have a three year degree from India so I feel more years added will help me get in EB2 or atleast give me a better chance at getting EB2. In this way I am getting in EB3 for sure. What are your thoughts?

May be the 2 years is relevant to the position that they applying the GC for.

Is the rest 12 years of experience for a different skill or job that is not related to this position?

The rest of my experience has been as a software developer too. Only with time the tools and versions of software you use change. Earlier I was using .Net 2.0 and related tools, now I am using .Net 4.5 and related tools. The tooling landscape also changes with time. Those are the only changes I see, not the kind of work I was doing. Roles and responsibilities have graduated from Junior Software developer to Lead Software developer.

I don’t want to be stuck by this employers perm or have it damage my chances of another firm filing my GC/perm if the current company files in some restrictive way. That is the main concern.