Does h4 applicant's employment creates problem if applying together?



     We are applying H1b and H4 together and appoinment date is very soon. We have mentioned H4 applicant current status as "working" in DS-160 form. But she is planning to come to US next year(after April) and her employer does want to provide "No objection" letter for interview? Only option left is she has to resign from company but we are not ready to resign as she is going to be in india for next 6months?


     Can any body help us with what are the other options or what should be reply to convience if consulate officer asks about her employment?


     Does this effect my H1B visa stamping if he issues 221(g) for H4 applicant on employment question(requesting for relieving letter etc..). 


     Really appreciate your help.




Dear Rajay,

You are unnecessarily worried.H4 visa applicant does not need NOC from current employer.

Incidently, what is the proposed date of departure mentioned in DS 160?

She need not talk anything about employment unless asked. Be brief and specific while replying to questions.

Her current employment is a matter between she and her employer about which consulate is NOT concerned.

If consulate asks -reply that I shall resign after getting the visa.

Do not panic. Be cool

She will easily get visa if other documents and things are ok

Thank you so much for response.