does h1b-amendment requires stamping or not


I am working on H1 since Dec 2011. I have VIsa validity till Oct 2014. one of the major MNC is my current employer who filed H1B. Now i am planning to jump to different company. i got an offer from a desi consultancy. New Employer is ready to file amendment now and they are telling that if they files amendment, with in two - three weeks i might receive the petition. i have a plans of visiting india in Jan 2013. if i jump to a new employer now, during my india visit do i need to go for the stamping again?

Please waiting for the responses…

Thanks in advance!

As long as the previous visa stamp is valid, there is no need for new stamping.

Thanks Saurab.
Suppose the new employer is going to file a fresh H1 instead of amendment, in that case what would i need to do? Basically i am not aware that if i jump to a new company/different location, the new employer is going to file an amendment/ fresh H1… Please clarify…

They always need to file a new petition (cap-exempt). They cannot file an amendment as they are not the petitioner in the original petition. This is loosely called H-1 transfer.