Does End client letter required for Visa stamping ???

Hi Team ,

I have filed my H1b and my petition gor approved . I paid money for my H1 . Now my Employer saying that we need an extra client saying that there is still a job avavilable from the client . He is asking money for that . He said he would provide me the cleint letter which he sent to USCIS for my VISA . Should i go for that , or else the client letter provided for USCIS is enough .


Usually Employer should not ask any money from the Employee and YES! Client letter is very necessary while filing H1B. Due to lack of it, there were few petitions of my colleagues which went to RFE.


Chandu Thanks for your response . Some times things wont come for free :frowning: . I have a client letter which was submitted for USCIS where my start date and end date are mention . This is a supporting client letter stating that my job is still avavilable . My question is whether the client letter submitted to USCIS is enough or shall i also take this supporting client letter .

why money for client letter??? Are you getting a fake client letter by teh way??