Does 'Credentials Evaluation' mandatory in H-1B Visa transfer?


I found a new position where my new employer will start my H-1B Visa transfer from my current employer however my new employer is asking for ‘Foreign Credential Evolution’.

Just wondering, if ‘Foreign Credential Evolution’ is mandatory even in H-1B visa transfer also? When I moved to my current employer from previous, current employer didn’t ask for it though.



Credential evaluation is needed only during original approval and not for a transfer. Do you still have a copy of the previous evaluation or did you get a new degree / diploma that has not been evaluated yet?

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar; wwwDOThopeforhumanityglobalDOTorg;

Thanks Sandeep for your response. Yes, I do have a copy of my previous evaluation copy (my attorney says that they have some questions from USCIS from the firm which I have evaluation so she prefers to get it done again). However for now, she’s okay to go ahead with my old evaluation.

I have one another question about evaluation, if I were to get new evaluation, looks like exp letters with job description is mandatory however my previous exp letters don’t have job description mentioned, do you think I am blocked or is there anyway?

Please advice.


Job description can be provided separately. It is a summary explanation of your roles and responsibilities.

Thanks much, appreciate your response! I was thinking that job description should be mentioned as part of exp letter itself.

Thanks again!