Does cos from H4 to H1 requires year wise markslist?

Hi I would like to when I am submitting educational documents for h4-to-h1-cos
can I submit consolidated memo for a degree or do I need to submit semester wise marks list. Please reply my question as quickly as possible .



Usually if you have an education evaluation done then semester wise marksheets are not requried. But in most of the cases it is not done and hence all the semesters’ marksheets + the degree is asked for before filing for H1.

Thanks for the reply Ankit. I have one more question why does educational evaluation means?

One of the H-1 requirements is that the beneficiary (i.e. you) have done education at par w/ US Bachelor’s degree. When the person has done education outside US, USCIS doesn’t know the value/weigtage of your degree. That’s where education equivalency agency comes in. They will review your degrees and marksheets and issue a certificate stating that you have done education at par w/ US Bachelors and are hence eligible for H-1.

Thank you Saurabh that helps .