Does "Ark IT Services" ever refund 90% of your money?

Hello Guys,

I went through the H1B process of a consultancy named Ark IT Services. They charged me 1000$ for processing the H1B visa. However, my LCA got rejected and the HR told that as promised they will refund 90% of my money. But till now they have been just delaying the refund. I am really scared and worried now as I feel whether they will ever give my money back or not.

Guys whoever went through their process, can you please share your experience that whether you actually got the refund or not in case your LCA or H1B got rejected.


Even i went ahead with their process…

Even my LCA got rejected and similar to you they were delaying my refund… Now their phone number has also stopped working.

I do not think there is even a single candidate whose LCA got accepted…it was all their trick

Hi Manish!

Thanks for your response!

We need to think how to get the money back.

Awaiting more replies from people who went through the H1B process of Ark IT Services.

Exact same scenario with me told me that LCA got rejected , Pure Fraud company , he took $1000 from me , he conducted my interview with a fake guy sent me a fake offer letter from MIL corporation and at the time of H1B filling did not file any H1 never responded back , his phone is out of service , ARK IT Service Aka MIL corporation and god knows what else is a fake company you will keep writing emails they will never respond back this is a big time H1B fraud these guys are doing every year.

Guys we should get together and file a complaint against this person so that at least we can save other people from being a victim to these guys , I think next year these people will change their names and company names and start the cheating process again , do we have a group my number is +13132582453