Does any one got H1B approval after RFE response review recently?

I have been waiting since 1 month in RFE Review status. My receipt no is WAC13135*****. RFE has been responded with all the requested docs on July 28th. And RFE response review status updated on July 29th. Since then it is in the same status.

Any one on same boat?

What is Your Petition type PP or Regular… Even i received RFE and My employer responded to that … but my status is still RFE Requested

It is Regular processing.

In my case, it took about 5 weeks for status change from RFE Response Review to Decision.


Typical processing time for RFE response is 60 days but it can take longer as well.


Date Petition Submitted - 8-Apr-13

RFE - 16-June-13

RFE Response Review - 23-Jul-13

Category - Regular


It still shows RFE Response Review...

mine is also in RFE review since last 33 days

Yes My H1B got approved after RFE Response Review.

1.Appication Received by USCIS : 08-APRIL-2013.
2.Request For Evidence : 17-JULY-2013.
3.RFE Responded : 28-AUG-2013.
5.Approved : 17-SEP-2013


Hi Vihsal,

Do you have any idea, what was the reason/response to RFE ?


they wanted detail description of job… Employers tax information and Aggrement b/w employer and end client. Their Journal pamplets or wesite info…

Hi Vishal,

Which center was processing your petition?


California … What about you … what is your status

My status is RFE Response Review since Aug 1. It is in Vermont Center, regular processing

Ok Hope for a Approval Soon… Wish u all the best

here’s my case details:

Application April 1st

RFE received June 28th

RFE requested by August 21st

RFE sent back on August 19th

RFE decision - approved - finalized on September 9th.

Would you mind letting know if a decision was made in your case and give the time lines ? Will be helpful to know the approximate time taken for a case in RFE response review.

Hi Chinmaydutta,

I got the petition approval on Aug 29. It took exactly a month to change from RFE response review to Approval.

Hi Gurumurthy,
Thanks for the information.


Does your RFERR changed to PDA?

No. I upgraded to PP last week. So hoping tp hear something in the next 2 weeks