Does a new application for L1-A to H1-B Chage of Status go through the lottery process?

I am currently in US on L1-A. My company is applying for my L1-A to H1-B Change of Status in 2015. I just want to know whether my application for CoS will go through the lottery or it will be processed without going through the lottery process?

If this is your first ever h1B, then yes, you will go through lottery in April 2015.

If you ever had an approved h1b before, then you may not require to go through the lottery.

Thanks for answering it Ramanan. This will be my first H1 application so I will have to go through the lottery process, I think.


This answer is not to answer your question directly but to more help you with a decision making process.

Please talk to your employer and ensure they do not change to H1B, this is from my personal experience I changed from l1 to another employer on H1 and things are difficult.

Does your employer file GC if so, Did you know the processing time for GC on L1 is 6 months v/s 6-9 years on H1B?

I strongly would request you talk to your employer and not change to H1B its good for you and your family.