Does a JAVA course help for addmision for MS in computers?

I was wondering if doing JAVA course will help me in anyway for my MS addmission. I have just completed my graduation n my company joining is in Jan so i have months in which I was thinking of doing a JAVA course. I am an EnTC engg but want to do MS in computers. I will be applying for fall of 2013. Thanks.

The admissions process depends on a variety of factors,including

  1. Your acads & test scores(TOEFL & GRE)

  2. Statement of Purpose

  3. Extracurriculars

  4. Work ex if any and community invlovement

So the Credit you get for your certificationc course depends on how well you can potray it in your SOP. In general picking up a new skill set in line with your career goals will never hurt.

Good Luck

ok. Thanks for the reply.