Documents required for In-house project(Pls respond to this immediately)

My H1B got approved on Sep-26th(EAC centre).can you please tell me that what are the documents we require for H1 interview for In-house project.

will i need to carry all the original documents for H1B interview?

And in my I-797 form I got Beneficiery name as K,Suresh B but my original name is K,Suresh Babu,will this name change effect my visa interview ,If i want to change my name in I-797 please tell me the procedure.

and i need to apply H4 for my wife along with me,can you please tell me the process and the documents which are required for H4.

please respond immedietely.

Thanks in advance.

Hey Congrets . Mine is also for in house project but not yet approved . Did you change your one to premium ? If so then can you tell how many days it took after making it to premium .

it was regular one and it took 150 days of timeā€¦