Documents have been submitted but the status remains as 'RFE'

Hi All,

I received an Request for Evidence on:30th-Aug-2013. My petitioner has responded to it however,there is no change in status. The Response due date is:25th-Nov-2013.

Below are my queries:

->How many days will USCIS take to review the docs submitted and change the status as we are nearing the response due date?

->What will happen if the due date of 25th-Nov is passed? Will the documents be reviewed later?

I am getting a bit anxious. Appreciate your responses.


Hello Vasuki,

request you to please elaborate your case as well as with the details of your VISA type and interview date etc

Hello Vijayakumarp,

Visa type:h1b, non immigrant worker( I hope this is what u are asking, when you say “visa type”)
Case number series:13138*****.
Reason for RFE status:USICS had some queries to the employer.This has been responded.

As the case is in RFE status, I haven’t received interview date.


Hello Vasuki,

Please update me the exact scenario from the Petition Approval. Make it simple just answer to my below questions:

  1. Is your Petition Approved? (Received I-797,I-129,LCA)
  2. Have you ever attended the Interview?
  3. Have You received 221(g) for RFE or some other form?
  4. Have your petition been refused on any case and your employer revoked it?

Kindly answer the above questions for clear understanding where your case is exactly is, or else you may write up the whole process till date you have gone through since your petition approval.

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