Documents and the time for H1B transfer details needed


  1. What all documents do i need from my current employer A to get the H1B transferred to Employer B.

2.Also, what all documents need to be supplied from my side.

3.How much time the transfer will take in my case where i have never travelled on the H1B still active till Jan 2013 but the VISA is already stamped.

  1. When should i resign from my current employer A?
  1. You approved H1B visa petition I-797. If not, at least the approved H1B case number

  2. Same set of documents you submitted to employer A for H1B application

  3. Transfer is nothing but new petition, only difference is you are not counted towards cap. It takes about 2 to 3 months or longer to get H1B approval…

  4. If you are in your home country, plan according to your H1B stamping and travel date…talk to your new employer…