Document submission for H1b dropbox

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I want to know if the applicant itself has to be present for document submission at the dropbox location for H1b visa? Can I send a representative to submit documents on my behalf?

You can send a representative. He/she will need to carry a proof of identity.

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Wanted to know that i have an IW …so i can drop-off (dropbox) my passport at any Center …but if i get 221G for anything … will they be calling me to the same US consulate where i submitted by docs for dropbox ?? … or i can go to any Visa center

Example: I schedule a dropbox appointment at Delhi & then left for Mumbai… but then later if i receive a 221g & called for Interview, Fingerprint …can i do that in Mumbai ??

Once you submit documents to a specific dropbox location, any response to 221g will need to be addressed to that dropbox location. If you are called for an interview, you will need to go to the consulate that VFS submitted the documents to.

Q.7 If I’m called for an interview, can I change my post?

No. You must appear for your interview at the post that you selected for interview waiver processing. It is not possible to transfer the case between posts. Please consider this when selecting the post for your interview waiver case, as you may be called to appear for an interview.