Document Submission before OFC and visa interview appointment ?

I have scheduled my OFC and visa appointment in November. I also have H1 stamped previously in 2010 and remeber submitting documents 3 days before the interview. I do not see anywhere on the ustraveldocs site where it mentions of submitting any documents. Are we not suppose to submit any documents at all before the interview now given the recent transformation of the visa interview process ?

Dear Ttubsa,

In the new system documents are not be submitted in advance anywhere.

Even in old system, documents were NOT required to be submitted at places like Delhi

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Hi ttubsa,

Can you share your experience? Was your interview successful? I am about to go for the stamping in Jan 2013 and would like to know the new process beforehand. Thanks.

  • Sai

Hi Sai,

     I apologize I should have written my experience right after my interview. 1st thing my interview was successful and I got my visa stamped on November 9th. A couple of things to keep in mind, I did a few mistakes and would like to share so other do not do the same. 
  1. Fingerprinting appointment Mumbai - I was confident that all my documents are upto date and have no errors. I missed my middle name on DS-160. They asked me to do a correction and gave me an hours time to fix it.

This means you have to fill a new DS-160 (so take all your documents for the biometrics appointment too even though your information is saved in the system). So now you will need a photo too (which I did not have, basically my mistake) and your interview confirmation will have a new barcode and DS-160 confirmation number since you made correction.

I had to get a print out of new DS-160 with all the given names and a new interview confirmation printout since you filled a new DS-160. Do not worry your fees you paid for the appointment will not go waste and the system will override it to give you a new prinout. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY FEES SINCE YOU ARE ONLY CORRECTING YOUR DS-160. If you miss that day then you will need a new appointment.

Guess what there is no cybercafe around this place, no photostudio and people with all sorts of weird advice. So finally I got exploited right from the rickshaw wala to the photostudio guy. So below is the things to keep in my.

  1. Take someone along with you, someone apt who may help you in case you need them. Someone smart not to say.

  2. Keep a soft copy of your photo.

  3. If you are from Mumbai and have a car take your color printer with you.

  4. NO MATTER HOW SURE YOU ARE, TAKE THE DS-160 CONFIRMATION PAGE AND OPEN YOUR ORIGINAL PASSPORT TO COMPARE LINE TO LINE OF INFORMATION you provided on DS-160 at least a day before. This document as you know is the the ticket to get your foot in the door for biometrics appointment and the interview day.

  5. If they stamp any of your document and you cant read it ask them what is the stamp for . REASON: I took my new DS-160 confirmation page with but did not take a new printout for appointment confirmation since the confirmation number changes. They stamped that appointment letter which was unclear, which actually said take a new printout to the final interview.

  6. Read your petition as many times you can, know your case well. Be confident in answering all your questions

  7. In the embassy, when you enter the main office you
    a. They will token you passport with a sticker, which will be displayed on the monitor when your number comes to corresponding window.
    b. before that you will be ten printed again, this is just a verification that you are the same person coming for the interview. DO NOT SKIP IT.
    c. Rest is your deal with the officer. Answer to the point and do not behave casually.

So, I did a lot of mistakes, no one to blame but me. But I am glad everything went well and I got the visa stamped. I hope this helps, not trying to scare anyone but it does not hurt to share if I can save even one person from this frustration.



Thank you for your response TTUBSA. Well, I think you are incredibly lucky to have gotten everything done the same and not to miss your interview date. I don’t believe I have made any mistakes in filling the DS160, but I’ll check all the details again. Thanks again.