Document for my fathers' occupation proof - US Visa Stamping

should I get a document that my father is working in the company for so and so time? He is a contractor and does not have any identity card from company. I want to show something other than his form 16. Kindly help me out.

Also i am showing liquid assets of 1.17 times the I20. Can I show the rest in assets? How do I convince VO that I can afford. I have money in assets but prodigy did not lend me. and I am not taking a loan. Please guide me.

If you can get something, good to carry. But, it does not matter. if there are any tax returns filed by your father that can help too.
You can show more in fixed deposits, if you have. Usually, some of these are for the visa officer to believe that you will return back. Carry the liquid assets statements that tells you can pay for the fees and expenses and rest of them you can carry additional fixed assets…Dont worry to much, your visa is not just dependent on the Finance part, it is many things, be confident…

Yeah. I got Visa. Thanks so much to this group. I was fortunate to get visa. I am 33 and thought I wouldn’t be able get one after a long gap. Visa interview lasted a minute. The girl before me also got student visa. She never spoke apart from yes/no, the officer answered her questions with question tags after questioning her, so she was spoon fed and given visa.

The difficult part to stomach was that I did not know and still do not know how this education system works. So it has been difficult since a semester; I wish I got insights on how these schools work or forum to help F1 students. I did not know homework would be this intense from day 1. I chose a course that I hardly knew about and you can speculate what happened: and moreover some dirty-minded, low-mentality Indians want to make sure they make my life miserable. apart from that everything seems all right, not great though.

One semester, and no enjoyment/outdoor activity until I visited the local zoo with a friend from around here. Bald eagles look super elegant, and so does the bison. There are tigers here in snow without special temperature controlled environment.

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@krisna, Thanks for the update.
Are you not liking studying ? It can be difficult to adjust in the beginning, it takes time…stay positive !

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I do like studying but what makes my process difficult is I am taught the bits of basics, abc, haphazardly, so I need to figure the basics out myself from various resources which consumes extra time, then do the assignments which is based on xyz (which i must stress is not much related to abc). This time consumption times 4 in only 15 weeks. But when I figure out assignments, there is immense inexplicable satisfaction.

So, 15 weeks, 4 courses, 24 assignments, 4 projects, 8 exams, research, commute, 2 shifts per week, internship search, job search, grocery shopping(even online is a pain). Amidst all this kitchen also takes time, buying food takes extra extra time. The schedule is tight and makes it hard for me. I know everyone faces these situations but I feel a bit too pressed probably because of the gap.
People in my class go on bathroom breaks in one hour exam to copy, which I will never do in my life. Their copying does not hurt me but what hurts is eventually they are the ones who are be preferred based on the grades for jobs/research, further studies. I do not know how far I can go on in this country being honest, not cheating. I hope there are people who appreciate honesty.

I hope I sail through.

Why did you take 4 courses in first semester ? Ideally three would be best.
No, don’t worry about the people who cheat, you never follow the bad guys…
You should be honest always and do the right thing. That’s the only way you will succeed everywhere, especially in America and people will appreciate…never compare with others… Do your work and focus on your work… It can be hard, take it and stay positive…I have done two masters in 4 different schools, I know what you mean…

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I thought 4 was normal and was suggested. Now just trying hard to sail through. 2 masters? You are too inclined to studying… I wanted to do PhD but now with a bad gpa, i stopped dreaming about it.

Thank you for your unconditional kind advice.

Usually you take 9 credits to be full time, anything over that is a burden and hard to manage…Anyways, stay positive and work hard, you will be fine… PhD is not for everyone…

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My school is weird, it says 12 credits is full time, and I was not well informed as well. However I took 12 credits the second sem, audited another course, scored decently. I am glad.

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Very good to hear. It varies by school. But, typical Graduate schools have 9 credits. I have seen some schools have that…

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