Do we need to have Passport validity of 6 months for Visa Extension filing


I am in H1B and the visa is expring on 28-Dec-2013. Filing of extension process is in place. Following are my queries

1.My Passport is valid till May 2014(Less than 6 months from today), Having said that can i go for extension with 6 months valid passport

  1. If answer is “Yes” to the above question what will be the validity of Visa? i…e Will it be the same as Passport expiry or different

  2. If answer is “No” to the question 1 then Do i need apply for Tatkal Passport and then go for filling?

  3. If answer is “Yes” for above question, How long does the tatkal process take to complete the passport re issue?

  4. Lastly, How quickly do you think should i submit the extension with USCIS considering the fact that visa is getting expired on 28-Dec-2013?