Do we have to travel to India immediately after H1b Extension?


Is it required to go to India for stamping immediately after H1b extension? Is it true if u go to india immediately you don’t have to go through H1b visa interview process for visa stamping. You just have to put the necessary paper in Drop box instead of face to face interview in embassy. Within how many days do we have to travel to India to avoid the visa inetrview process?

Also after extension, is it required to stamp H1b visa in India before i change to new job in USA? Is it mandatory? Within how many days do i need to do visa stamping after change of the job?

It is not mandatory to have stamping done soon after extension/transfer is approved.

You are eligible for dropbox if your most recent H-1 visa stamp has not expired more than 1 year ago. For example, if current H-1 visa stamp expires on Jul 1, 2016; then you are eligible for dropbox until Jun 30, 2017.