Do we have to carry original 10th/12th certificates for H1B stamping?

I don’t have the original 10th/12th certificates with me right now. Have to send it from home town but I dont want it to be couriered. Interview is in a couple of days and so I cannot go and get it. I have my degree certificate and photo copies of 10/12th. Will this be a problem(not having original 10th/12th)?

It is better to carry 10/12th originals too. You never know what VO asks. But if there is no way out, then you can carry photocopies too. But do carry original engineering degree.

You can use good courier from home town. Blue dart is good. Use the premium service so that they deliver it next day.

In my interview, VO did not ask for any document. He just took I797, DS160 confirmation which were stapled to passport. Asked me couple of questions “where do I work” and “How long I have been working with them”. Please note I work with one of the top 3 IT companies in India and going to USA for same company so this could be the reason why VO did not ask for project details or educational qualification.

If you are going through a consultancy, then carry as much docs as possible about consultancy, client or any vendor (if any). If you are working fulltime in a big IT company, then you need not worry. They generally do not ask for additional docs.

Thanks, I too work for one among the top three companies in South East Asia. My previous companies were also among the top tier. This really helps, thanks again.
Also, you attended in Delhi right??

Yes I attended interview in Delhi.