Do we get new receipt number if upgrading case into PP?

My case is pending in initial review phase since last 9 months at Vermont SC. It is fresh h1 filed in regular processing. No RFE received yet.

I upgraded case on july 23 2012 into PP. Still no update till now. Status is same as initial review. I used same receipt number for status check which i got in regular processing.

I also doubt that case status at USCIS site is also not correct and updated.

Please suggest.

No, the receipt number remains the same.

USCIS takes 15 calendar days to adjudicate a premium case. There maybe some delay in updates on the website. Your attorney will get an email update as soon as a decision is made on your case.

Just be patient, you still have about a week to go…

Oh really? Has it taken 9 months and still remained under initial review? Oops horrible. Looks like this year also same thing might happen. I have had my case under initial review for more than 3.5 months already, its better to upgrade to pp now, please share your thoughts…?

Only pp can happen to make people reach in us by oct2012 i guess…lets wait and watch the game in h1b tracker.


Yes PP is only way to get approval faster with in 15 days. But I am not very sure that I will be getting any update in this time frame. Some my friends who all are waiting for approval their cases were filed on april 2012. So just suggesting you please wait till august end. Hopefully u will get some update. Having said that I think you might be aware of extra fees of PP is 1225$. So kindly wait.

Hi Kumar!

Its been already 12 days and the status is same as initial review. I am not sure that whether my PP request was accepted by uscis or not because as much as I know after accepting PP upgrade request status downgrade from initial review to acceptance stage.

My employer confirmed that they have upgraded the case on 23-july-12 itself. and then after no update. Problem here is I can not force my employer to provide status proactivily on my case. So only one way is left for me is to check in USCIS site and seem it is also not updated.

My employer said that they come into BEP (business executive program) category so in PP it will take 1 month to get approval on my case. I know they are just bluffing.

please suggest something. I am not very sure whether USCIS accepted my PP request or not.