Do I need to maintain status during L2toH1B, if L1 leaves the country

Currently, I am staying on L2 and working an EAD which expires during the 2nd week of July 2013. L1 visa expires in July 2013 and has to leave US. My consulant has filed H1b this year and I am waiting for the lottery to take place. If my H1 file gets selected in the lottery, can I stay in US with out L1 or do I need to change the status form L2 to either F1 or B1 to maintain the status. kindly, suggest which would be the better opiton.

How long is you I-94 valid for and how many years did you spend in US already?

My I-94, is valid till 2015, and I have been staying in US since May 2012. Please advice.

Oh well, if L1 leaves the country you might have to leave too. And once you go out of US, you can enter only after Oct 1, 2013 with H1B stamped as long as your H1 goes thru this year…

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