Do I need to go for stamping after H1B reinstatement?

In India company A filed my H1B visa which got approved and also my stamping for h1b was done in January 2015 which is valid till 2017. Later, I resigned in June from company A and H1B was not used.Then applied for H4 Visa and came to USA on H4 VISA which is valid till 2017. Now in USA I was contacted by employer B who is ready to get my H1 B reinstated and eventually I will get the job in US.

My questions are below :

  1. If I go to India after my H1B reinstatement, Do I need to go for H1 B stamping again?
  2. Do I need to file change of status as well?
  3. If in future I again go for H4 from H1B and then travel to India then do I need to go for stamping again?
  1. Since you are filing COS now, if you visit india…you have to for stamping.

  2. now its COS only from h4 to h1

  3. yes…you can file COS any time. When you visit india, by that if you have valid visa you need not get it stamped (if h1 person is with the same 797 petition, else its safe to get it stamped) else you need to…