Do I need to complete my contract term with Employer legally?

Hello Saurabh,

You have always been a great help and support.

I have a new question today. Since I am working with consulting company under a contract of 2 years. Can I leave the company anytime I want before my contract tenure is completed?

Do company have legal right to hold my Salary or Sue me court? Does this contracts of desis consultancies really have a strong hold? I dont see and heard about these contracts with teksystems or any american company.

Also the h1 filling date is close and I am having issues with my current employer. Is this the right time to change the employer?

Wil it impact or hamper my h1b processing?

If I apply through current employer as the date is near can I change my employer after in June july?


What visa are you currently on in US?

Sorry for Late reply. I am on F1 Visa currenly working on OPT

Bonded labor is not allowed in US and employment is always at will. Still get the contract reviewed by a labor attorney to be sure.

Yes, current employer can file petition for you. Once approved, another employer can file cap-exempt petition for you.

Thanks Saurabh. I have applied for H1b with my existing employer and i am planning to leave him soon. Since h1b was having lottery so I thought of staying with this employer and file my application. Thanks for your help.

Just wanted to update my current status and issue for closure of this matter.

I had a unprofessional argument with my employer (desi Company). I threatned him for all the Rights and regulations he has voilated (I have all proofs on email). I said i will go to IRS/DOL and USCIS and fight hard for this case since he cheated and broke many laws. He got scared and let me go. No harm done to him nor me. I joined new company. Got all my salary from previous company.