Do i need to attend visa interview after H1B transfer ?


I have H1B(stamped) for 3 yrs with company A in India ,unfortunately as there no more projects with company A, i am joining company B.

Comapany B said that they will not apply for H1B transfer for me. Now my question.

1)If i join company C after working for comapany B for few months ,will i able to trasfer My H1B via to company C?

  1. After transfer of petition is done to company C,Do i need to again go for stamping again?

You need to tell me where are these companies? and Where you will be during company B and Company C work?(in US or India)?
You can easily transfer to any US employer from another US employer on H1B as long as you can supply the I-797 and few paystubs of your previous US employer’s H1B for you.

Thanks for you reply, let me explain you in detail of my current situation .
working with company A(india) with whom i have H1B(stamped validity up to 3 yrs ),As they have no projects for my role.
I am joining company B (india), this company said position is for India location so they will not apply for h1b transfer.
after working for few months with company B ,i want to make utilize of my H1B by joining some company C(india).
1)some my question is whether company C will be able to transfer my H1b petition?
if yes then do i need to go stamping in india again with new petition .
2)can i go to US and start working once transfer petition is applied or do i need to wait until transfer petition is approved?
3)I really don’t know how to approach companies in US which can transfer h1B, do i need to reach consultancy which can help me here ?
4)suggest me best consultancy( which is not fake )which can help me in transfer(I really don’t know whether i Can ask you this question here , you can reply me via email )



Yes. After approval, you must get stamping with that latest company approval before traveling to US.