Do i need other employers I-797 copy?

Hello Everyone and Admins.

Good to see everyone’s contribution here. I have a scenario to discuss:

I have my I-140 approved and working for Org. A and Got offer from Org. B. H1b transfer is done with B. During notice, i got really good offer from Org. C and initiated the H1b transfer process there. (Not going to join B).


  1. Do i have to submit any B related documentation (like I-797A etc.) to Org C or their attorney ?
  2. Do i ever have to mention to these organization about each other ?
  3. Any complications can happen in future from USCIS about getting multiple job offers?


For H1B transfer you will use the current/active I-797. However make sure you are still working for the employer the I-797 belongs to at the time when your transfer petition is being worked up on by USCIS. Suggestion is to do the transfer via PP.



Thanks Kaplesh…

I never joined the Org. B but H1b transfer is already approved.

Going to file transfer to C next week with PP. Not sure if i have to mention to C about previous transfer with B and share I-797A with their attorney.

You don’t if you are still working for A.

Thanks !!! Appreciate your help.