Do I need L1 Tax Document and SSN details

Currently I am working in India and my company is filed H1B for me and I have that approval with me now. But I never stamped based on that H1 (I have to go for stamping interview)

But from my previous company i had L1 visa and i worked in USA 4 months ( 2008) and company paid per dieam and also complete Indian salary. Since no salary in US, don’t have SSN and Tax documents.

Now I want to go for h1b stamping. Will Visa officer will ask for L1 Tax papers document and SSN details? Will it impact my h1b Stamping?

I appreciate your replies on this.

It is always good to have sufficient documentation before you go to interview.

i worked in US 4 months (2008), but i left the company and joined new company. For this period the company paid only daily allowances. My new company filed H1b approved by USCIS . Now i have to go for stamping. My Query is here , if visa office asked for any previous tax related document, i dont have any thing. what will the solution.