Do I need H1b visa Stamping to bring my wife on H4

Hi I have got my H1b approved recently and my wife is India she tried to come here on H4. the consulate asked had her visa on hold and gave back the passport including a white 221 G form saying needed additional documents. the documents they need is : my H1 visa stamping on my passport . since I recently got my H1 approved I never traveled outside USA. Is it mandatory to get Visa stamping from consulate to apply H4 for my wife. and she was rejected on f2 6 months ago. Please help me

I think that there is some confusion . Would you clarify

1- date of her visa application interview for H4

2- validity of yr H1 approval petion - start and expiry date of petition. Current

3- validity of yr previous stamped visa.

4- Did you change the company after first job or

4- did you return to USA on previous visa and new I797 without getting new petion stamped with new employer

1- my wife has applied on sept 12th 2013

2- my H1 B visa will start on Oct 1st 2013. currently i m on F1 and CPT

3- i dont have any H1 stemp. i had only F1 stemp which is expired in 2012.

4- I am working from last 7 months with the same company. i have the cpt from the school.

5- no i have returned in to usa with my F1 in 2011.

Note: I dont have any stamp in my passport for the H1. and it will be start by OCT 1 2013

Since yr wife applied for H4 visa even before the commencement of Petion approval date it was bound to result in 221G.
Did the consulate mention in 221 G letter that H1 stamping of Husband is required?
I think this is already replied in earlier post that wife got v221 G due to premature application.
What is the position now of application?