Do I need get any correction done by CBP with I-94 date and this scenario?


I went on a 16 day vacation to Canada recently, by road. I entered back into USA on 19th June 2016. I have a valid and stamped H1B visa till 30 June 2016. I also had a second approved I-797 with me which goes from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2019 (No visa stamped for this). I showed them both my I-797s at the border just to make sure they have all the information. The officer said they will go with my existing I-797 and give me the I94 date accordingly (30th June 2016)Is everything okay here or should I have gotten the “admitted until” date according to my new I-797 (i.e 30 June 2019)? They seemed confused and unsure about the rules at that border and had to talk to their supervisor and check some rule books in front of me! They finally decided to go with my current I-797. Do I need to go the CBP to get something corrected?

Thanks for your help!