Do i need a new student visa to start my masters next semester May14.

I got my student visa (F1) approved for US on 20 Nov’13th on Northwestern Polytechnic university. I went to US on 28 Dec’13. But, due to some emergency i had to come back in 4 days returned from US on 1 Jan’14.

I have not registered for any courses in the university yet. Now i want to go back to US to start my masters next semester.  I have contacted the university regarding my query.  They have advised me that i need to differ my admission to next semester which starts this summer May'14 intake they have also advised me that i don't have to apply for a new student visa again though i have not registered for the courses


Could You please advise me do i need to apply for a new student visa again to enter US to start my masters next semester (May'14). Also please be advised that i was not asked/given I94
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I think you fulfilled a fundamental requirement linked to I-20 issuance that you joined the school briefly on Dec 28th. If you carry a valid stamp in your passport, the school is still the same and no other changes have occurred, just go ahead and start when you can, a re-application is not needed. Keep the school informed on your start date.

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA.;