Do I have to necessarily be on F1 Visa to apply for OPT? Cant I get OPT on H4 visa?


I am currently on H4 Visa, I am planning to study for a year, then do my OPT and then get EAD.
Now my main question is, Can i complete my studies and apply for OPT being on H4 Visa?? or i have to compulsorily change from H4 to F1 to apply for OPT?

Please help me understand.



No, you will not get OPT, if you study on H4 visa. You need to be on F1 visa. Yes, it is mandatory. Read Study on H4 vs F1 - Advantages and Disadvantages


No you are not eligible. OPT will be given to f1 students who completed their MS/Bachelors in US.