Do I have any chance of full time employment currently in US?

  1. I am currently full time F1 (PhD Computer Engg.) student studying in USA.

  2. I already have a MSEE degree and I had received the employment card after the MS graduation but did not find a job.

  3. Currently, I am not funded and hence,due to financial problems I need immediate full time (without registering for any courses.)

  4. I am 2 yrs away from graduation. Hence, I can quit my PhD.

  5. I have only 70 days left on my CPT.

  6. I am aware about the H1 cap of
    65k+20k for graduates having already met?

Do I have “any” options to achieve employment, other than working for 70 days on my CPT?

Your option to work on F1 visa before graduation is CPT or Pre-completion OPT. You cannot work full time on F1 Visa, unless you are in summer break. Also, you need to be enrolled full time to stay on F1 visa.

Yes, cap is complete for this fiscal year. You can only file for H1B Visa 2014. Read all the info here - [H1B Visa 2014 Filing Date and FAQs](

Talk to DSO, maybe you can work off campus if you can prove your economic hardship situation.

will the f1 status expire once if you graduate from school? , I have f1 visa for 5 years but I have graduated , and I want to go back to India , if I get admit in other school can I come back again with same old F1 visa?

Your sevis will get transfered to the new shool, if you get transfered. If transfer between the school for the same course, then I dont think you need to get it stamped unless the old F1 expires. But be ready to face questions at POE as to why did you change so many schools and what are you doing now. Consult and have your doubts cleared with your school DSO before leaving the country

If you are joining an entirely new course in a new school and if you are in India you need to go for a stamping.