Do I get any acknowledgement number when my H1 B is filed

I am filing visa thru a consultant, How will i get to know if he has filed my visa as he can simply lie to me that my name was not seleted in lottery.

The consultant says that I will get 13 digit acknowledgement number only if my name gets selected in lottery. can some one please confirm

  1. How to find if visa has actually been filed?

  2. Do we get acknowledgement number only after name is selected in lottery?

  1. You cant find it directly

  2. The petitioner & the attornely only would get the receipt number

Fundamental: H1B is employer owened petition, you(being employee) are the beneficiary . Always the petitioner gets the petition control, not you. So, if your employer gives the details(like the receipt number etc), you would be able to track it.

No my question is ----Do I get any acknowledgement/receipt number when my H1 B is filed before lottery results?

As I answered, no communication would be provided to the beneficiary.
Your H1B petition packet would be opened only if selected in the lottery. If opened(and the petition filed properly) only the receipt number would be issued and the paid fees would be accepted. If not selected in the lottery, the entire packet would be returned (to the petitioner - your employer) unopened.