Discrepancy in employer name on I-797B and paystubs

I have the H-1B approved under consular processing and it came to my attention that the petitioner’s name on I-797 is different from the one on my job offer letter and my paystubs. Both companies are essentially entities of the same company. But, their names are slightly different. I am in the process of amending my H-1B so that both names will match. In the meantime, can I schedule a visa appointment or shall I wait for the amended H-1B approval notice?
Thank you.

You can schedule the appointment with your existing I-797 information in the DS-160 and update the DS-160 once you receive the new I-797 for the amended petition and before goingfortheinterview.
You may also opt for a change of status as well if you dont want to travel for visa stamping.