Diploma Program in University of California Riverside

Hi, I need some clarification regarding the 1 year program in UCR for experienced professionals, i met the university representative few days back in Hyderabad, India and he was saying if i choose this course i will get 1 year OPT after completion of 1 year study , the study cost is $16000

My question is 1. what are the chances of getting F1 visa from India

Please share some inforamtion if you ever heard about this program before

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Well, I cannot comment on this UC Riverside…But, in general, You have to be very careful and clarify, if you would get a degree like Masters after the diploma program. Do some due diligience, check with school and talk to few students.

Coming to visa chances, it can be tricky based on the program and University and how you articulate regarding why you have chosen it…you need luck too :slight_smile:

Thanks for your Answer Kumar…