Different name in petition & I-94


I need some advise urgently on H1B transfer. My passport doesn’t have a last name and my initial L1 Visa (2010) was stamped as FNU “Given Name On Passport”. The SSN followed the same naming convention and has FNU as the first name.

Now I am back in US on H1B and the current petition has the name FNU “Given Name” because my SSN has the same name. However, my I-94 doesn’t have FNU in the name and only mentions the “Given Name”. Now, I want to get my VISA transferred to some other company. Will this hamper the VISA transfer in any way? Please note that the petition, SSN and income tax returns have the same name except I-94.

I think it would be ok. You can generate I-94 online and submit its copy. Also explain this thing to new employer’s attorney and they would be able to handle it during filing.

Thank you for responding Saurabh. I will reach out to the attorney next week. I am keeping my fingers crossed.