Difference between EAC and WAC in receipt Number


I want to know the difference between the EAC & WAC in receipt number, meanwhile what will be process time for EAC & WAC receipt number, as i checked in some website, it is not much clear, will the person cannot travel before December 2012, if he/she got the receipt number with WAC? As i got the receipt number starts with WAC, for this H1B 2012-13, and it got filed on May 29th 2012.



EAC and WAC’s in your reciept number denotes which Processing center is processing your H1B application. WAC - means you application is currently processed in California Processing center. EAC means - Vermont processing center. There is no much difference in the processing centers in the processing duration. California processing center handles lot of cases compared to others.This could be the perception of many people for delay processing. But actually not.