Did you ever sit across the table from your F-1 or H-1B sponsor?

I have been fascinated by this website run by Saurabh, Kumar and others - it is so helpful in many ways to many people. I am less than 24 hours old at this site. I have every intent to help those I can. If you are seeking an F-1 visa opportunity from India, my University’s international cell is the fastest for I-20 turnaround. If you are seeking an H-4, J-2, F-2 or any other dependent visa to a work visa conversion, I specialize in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and allied fields. Please remember that a US Consulate in India is just a gatekeeper, a security checkpoint. They do not and I repeat DO NOT get to decide who gets to go to USA and who does not. The University you apply to needs you, the company sponsoring your H-1B needs you so how does the Consulate get to decide your future? You need your partner to be with you, you would like your parents to visit and a Consular officer gets to decide all this? All decisions can be appealed, argued and changed so be confident. Let not a simple bureaucratic process intimidate you. I want to add my experience to the life experience of the creators of this website and together, help you with a stress free transition to the US and job transitions across the US. I will respond to your queries here, also feel free to email me directly at sshankar@chu.edu

Best of luck

Sandeep Shankar, Ph.D.


Colorado Heights University

Denver, CO


Thanks Sandeep.

We look forward to your participation in the forum. More the helping hands, better and easier it is :).