Did anyone got H1B lottery receipt notice for 2019 under regular quota not on masters quota


I was tracking the status of people getting picked up in lottery for 2019 H1B. I didnt see anyone getting picked up by regular quota . All are under masters quota. Why people under regular H1B didnt receive anything. I have applied under regular quota and waiting for lottery results.


That’s a good observation. I only see one case currently in the list that is regular quota and picked in the lottery. I am also regular quota and haven’t heard anything as of yet. Hoping there’s still a chance and those results are just yet to be released.

Best of luck.


Another user in the tracker received under regular quota. I think now people started receiving in regular quota as well. Lets see


have you received any updates on the receipt?


Tracking this conversation. I’m in regular cap and still hasn’t heard back.


Im in regular quota.Waiting for lottery result.Did anyone got lottery receipt under regular capfor 2019


Im also awaiting result under regular cap. Any information on whether they have started sending.


My coworker just received his this morning!


Tracking this thread. I am also in the regular quota waiting for the lottery. 4th year in a row.


Also filed under regular category and have not heard back. I know about 4 other friends who filed under regular that have not received theirs.


Am also in regular quota, didnt hear anything from my employer yet.


I have filled mine too through regular quota. I haven’t heard anything yet.

I am following this thread. Guys keep posted if you hear something about your lottery result.

All the best. Fingers crossed.


Also in regular cap and no receipt yet.


how did you apply 4 years in a row?


We have four users in h1b tracker was under regular quota got picked up in lottery . We need to wait. This time master quota has higher probability than regular so all regular quota people are really lucky if they receive. Let’s wait and watch


Mine got picked.
Regular Non-AD


How are you tracking the people in the regular quota?


Congrats … All the best for your bright career.


Same here. H1B application, regular quota, no news on the application.


Hey Congrats! May I ask how did you know you got picked? (SEVP, Check or Receipt?) Thank you! @atoz