Did anyone file H1B Transfer through Echotech LLC ? please let me know

Did anyone file H1B Transfer through Echotech LLC ? please let me know whether i can apply through this company,what is the process ? please give me relevant info.

Yes i filed my H1b transfer with Echotech,its really good client for H1B transfer,excellent process.I’m very happy and i’m in USA.Blueplanet company helped in successful visa process with Echotech company.

Echotech is awesome company, i filed my H1B CAP Exempt case with Echotech and they did good filing processing with good documentation.They supported and guide me till i joined in project with US client.Blueplanet company works for Echotech company,I recommend you to go with them.

Blueplanet processed my H1B Transfer through Echotech Company,Thanks to them in helping out succesful process to USA.

H1B Transfer done with Echotech company,i’m working with them with good salary package,please go ahead and process your h1b transfer.

Hi all. I have been interacted with Blue planet software solutions.I have got the details from one of my friend.

Blue Planet Initiated the process with the Client (echotech).I have gone through 2 interview rounds got offer from the client successfully. My H1 transfer has been done under premium process and i am quiet happy with the process and support. Thanks to Blue planet and Echotech

I have transferred H1B visa to Echotech 2 months back under premium Quota. It took 3 weeks time from the process beginning. The communication from the both blue planet and Echotech is pretty fine and went smoothly. they have been provided proper documentation and well support while i went for the stamping.I can advise to all that, you can go ahead with it and i am sure you will be happy end of the day.

Yeah. It was well known reputed company. I was transfer my h1b to echotech. The process was fine. I had one technical and HR round from the client and got offer from Echotech. I am flying to US on Jan 1st week. I had spoken to couple of employees from Echotech about the company. They have given very positive feed back hope things moves pretty fine. I strongly recommended for this with out any doubt.

Looks like the company does a good job of answering in online sources. I suspect the answers to your question below …looks fake to me personally, as all are new users with 140 points.

We typically do not provide such suggestions on this forum.

I have initiated transfer process throgu blue planet. I will share you further updates very soon. One of my friend gone through the same company and his visa got stamped 3 weeks back…

@ramanan256: I have transferred my H1b to echotech. I am flying to US on Jan 6th-2017. I do not find any kind of inconvenience with the process. Till now everything goes well.

Even myself applied H1b Transfer to echotech. i have valid h1b till Aug-2017…Waiting for updates from the client. I will keep on update you further updates soon

Hi All, I applied CAP exempt through Echotech LLC. They successfully filed my petition and got approval.

I applied my H1B Transfer through Echotech. They gave proper guidance and support to transfer my Visa.

Just got my Visa Stamped. Heading to USA. Thanks to Echotech and their supporting team.

After so much research, i got to know this client through one of my friend for my H1b transfer. They clarified all my visa queries and processed the VISA. I suggest you to go with Echotech.

Its a good experience with Echotech for processing my petition in CAP Exempt. They provided good service to get my petition got approved.

Hi All

I got call from Blue planet. I have gone through technical interview and HR call from Echotech. I have initiated the H1b Transfer process through Echo tech under premium quota. I will update further news soon

Hello Guys, I was about to proceed with Echotech. Can anybody tell me about this company. I need your inputs on the same.

I have contacted Bueplanet for my H1B Transfer, they introduced Echotech to process my H1 Transfer. They gave time to time updates to me get my petition got approved. Thanks to Echotech.