Did Any one Received Approval After Recieving RFE for this year 2014 H1B

Hi All, Did any of you has received Approval after receiving RFE … is Receiving RFE is a bad sign on application process. Am bit concerned about this as i have recieved RFE on July 17-2013. Any Post or Information is Highly Appreciated

I received RFE on 13th June, attorney responded on 19th June. It was for california center, RQ, IT, RP. Got approval on 3rd July. I would consider myself lucky as my decision came pretty fast. In general it could take any where 15 days to 2 months. On the contrary, I have rarely seen anyone commenting in this blog, that after RFE, their petition got rejected. At the same time it is not something which is impossible. Still good luck.

Thanks Pankaj… What type of RFE was that if you dnt mind… Am bit concerned becaused . i had lot of Hopes on this as everyone do…

My company filed 1 LCA for 2 employees, they were asking who are 2 beneficieries? Attorney responded that I am the 1st one who is using that LCA. They accepted that explanation.

Petition Type: Regular Quota/Regular Processing/Outside US
Receipt Date: April 08 2013
Receipt No: EAC131405xxxx
Notice Date: April 19 2013
RFE Status Update: May 24 2013
RFE Replied Date: Jun 20 2013
Approval Received Date: July 15 2013

Hope you get the approval soon. But while submitting docs for RFE they should be clear and complete please verify it. Once you get the RFE details post in this forum people here will share their experience and guide you on the same.

Thanks Muhammad… Hoping for the Same . My employer yet to receive RFE as it was posted on JULY17 2013… What are teh chances for approval… any information on that

Thanks Pankaj … it was really helpful. Thank you