Determining regular or premium processing from USCIS case status

My h1b extension RFE response was filed on Jan 13 2015. There is response in uscis site as of today(16 calender day) but my employer to me that my RFE was responded with premium. Current message says something like “i wil receive a response in 2 months” - (there is no 15 days time line or there is nothing mentioned about premium processing)

Wondering if my employer really filed it in premium.

Is there a way to determine if my RFE has been be responded with regular or premium processing?

Does latest uscis site show any specific message or 15 days time line if its filed in premium?




You dont OWN H1B petition, your employer owns it.

In other words, without your employer help, you may not be abale to find the details of H1(including premium or not)

But if the petition is filed in premium, it must be adjusted within 15 calendar days. If there is an RFE for a premium case, the case would be adjusted within 15 days from the time that the RFE response is reached USCIS.

If any time is going above 15 days, it means its in regular process.

My Petition was filed in PP and n 7th APR they received RFE Response now i see following Message. Is it common Message?

Our California Service Center office will begin working on your case again. We will mail you a decision or notify you if we need something from you. You should receive a decision or case update by June 6, 2015, unless fingerprinting or an interview ar