details about two companies (US) for H1B sponsership.


I got to know about the following companiesn US.

1. Samepage Info Solutions

2. EBaseTek

They are ready to sponsor my H1B and asking for $3000 for it.

Iam working in Bangalore,India.Previously i travelled to US twice on L1.

Last year when i was in US,I filed for H1B through one consultancy and got RFE ,i feel still its open.

Can someone in this group suggest me whether i can go ahead with these companies ?





Search in the redbus database on the filing record of these companies and see if you are convinced. Ask them questions on projects, salary etc. - this will most of the times brings out their genuinity.

Get confirmation if your earlier petition is in RFE or not. If yes, what is the reason. It is likely that your petition for this year may end up in RFE unless previous one is cleared.

Thank you so much for your reply.Could you pls let me know ,how can i clear the previous RFE.I dont think my previous consultant will help me doing that.


You cannot clear it by yourself. Since the petition was filed by the company (not by you), they need to respond to USCIS. Alternatively, you could ask them to withdraw the petition.
Typically RFEs need to be responded in 90 days after which if there is no response USCIS may deny the petition.