Desi consultancy taking legal action for changing employer

I’m working on behalf of xyz consultancy in abc company through v vendor, i found my billing rate was very high and my xyz company is paying 50% of that bill rate. I informed them to raise my salary finally after few days i got better offer from another consultancy so i decided to join that consultancy and continue working through the same vendor in same abc company. My xyz consultancy is threatening me that they will take legal action if i join abc company or v vendor. What is the best way to tackle this situation because i didn’t join new consultancy yet.

Note: I signed an agreement with my xyz employer which states i cannot join with my same vendor.

Seniors please advise me.

Non-solicitation agreements are often enforceable. What state are you in?

you did go against the agreement, so legally they (xyz company) can sue you.

best way is talk it out with them and settle with 1-2 month salary as compensation. or committ to stay with them for long term if they increase your billing rate as desired.